The Colour Pink in Interior Design

The colour pink, in design circles – rightly or wrongly – has had a bad reputation for many years. Associated, apparently, with being cheap, kitsch and perhaps even vulgar! However, this much-maligned palette is having something of a revival, and we are seeing a hue wave beautiful pinks that will add not only warmth but a level of sophistication to your home. Given our love of using grey palettes in our homes (a trend that doesn’t seem to be going anywhere soon), pink can balance the coolness of grey to create a chic living space.

The trick is getting the right colour pink to add to your home – and this October, Little Greene Paints are producing a shade card of eight delicate shades to mark Breast Cancer Awareness.


The colours range from the softest of plaster pinks, such as their already established Dorchester Pink, through seven new gorgeous shades which will run as limited editions until January 2017. To celebrate the new launch they have also re-coloured one of their English Heritage-owned archive wallpapers –Paradise – to work alongside the paints. Originally designed in 1940, this oversized print of exotic flora and oriental Ho-Ho birds is in the style of a 19th century French paper. The clever colouring makes it just as easy to place in a contemporary setting as it would a historic building. ( @ £131.00 per roll.


A clever way to mix up your styles with this look is to put something contemporary and simple against a more traditional wallpaper ,and the perfect sofa for this is the Attica sofa from Loaf. This amazingly comfortable sofa is reasonably priced starting at £1495.00.It has a ‘marshmallow-like’ comfort you will be sure not to want to move once you are sat down with a cup of tea and a biscuit.


Always ahead of the curve, many Scandinavian brands have worked pinks into their collections for the past few seasons, and Muuto are no exception. They have a wonderful range of furniture, but for me, their accessories are much easier to work into your room – especially if the idea of a pink sofa is too much of an investment for a change of style! Their rugs and vases are not only stylish but a more reasonable staring point for your wallet.

The high street is not to be left behind with this trend, with John Lewis’s new Design Collection that has just been launched, which shows how hard they have worked over the last two years to bring us a collection of homeware and furniture which has a contemporary edge but made to be more enduring. With their cushions starting at £25.00 you can afford to add a splash of pink into your home.